Biking is faster than running

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Obvious statement, perhaps. But I do find it interesting that I can maintain fairly close to my usual speed on a bike (on a flat course) while still keeping my heart rate below 149 bpm. At times, I was even struggling to keep my heart rate up that high, hitting a max speed of 38 km/hr. Here's the graph of my ride on the canal path to Chestermere:

All those dips in speed are times where we had to slow down to cross the road, so it's possible these frequent breaks had an effect on my heart rate. However, it's still nice to know that I can do something within the prescribed "aerobic zone" and still feel like I'm moving at a respectable speed.

The other thing that's weird about both my biking and my running graphs is the occasional spikes in heart rate, most obvious in the warm-up and cool-down parts. These are caused by coughing fits - I knew that working hard and getting my heart rate up caused me to cough, but I didn't realize the opposite was true as well. I'm seriously looking forward to this cough disappearing altogether.

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