I've got my own piece of the interweb!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A quick Google search tells me that I'm far from the first Charlotte to use this name, but alas, it's the best I could come up with. It's rather unfortunate that charlottesweb, charlotteweb, charlottesinterweb, and even charweb.blogspot.com were all taken, but charlottefern will have to do.

According to my profile, I signed up for and messed around with Blogger in 2006. I'm pretty sure I didn't actually share anything with the world at that time, and I have no idea what my intentions were - I think I was just excited to try any new Google service. I did maintain a blog briefly in 2008 as part of Google Summer of Code, but that was abandoned when I started grad school.

This time around, my plan is to share my experiences with low heart rate training, aka the "Maffetone Method". However, I didn't want to limit myself to that, as while I'm excited about this now, I'll probably get bored in the future and want to write stuff about biking. Or education. Or perhaps engineering, knitting, cooking, technology, sci-fi, adventures, climbing, photography, skiing, programming... basically, the average personal blog that perhaps no one will read, but is fun to write.

That's all for now. Of course, the best blog posts have photos, so here's one of my favourites:

Atlin Mountain, Summer 2009


  1. That's TEH interwebz!
    So are you going to explain the Maffetone Method, or are you going to make me google it?

  2. I explained it a bit more in my second post, but basically it involves doing cardio whilst keeping your heart rate really low (180-age). The theory is that you'll develop a more efficient aerobic system and be able to run faster at lower heart rates, though my friend Cara said you need some anaerobic level activity as well. I'm a little skeptical, but I'm willing to give it a shot, as I don't really stand to lose anything.