A quick bit of quilting

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I keep getting distracted from my rather monstrous couture dress project, but it was a pleasure to work with well-behaved cottons again after wrangling silk for weeks.

My quilt guild has a "block lotto" from time to time, where everyone makes the same quilt block and brings them to the meeting. Each block earns you a raffle ticket, and whoever wins the draw gets to take home all the blocks to make in to a complete quilt. This month's block is a tulip block for spring (which we seem to have skipped - it's full on summer right now).

I didn't take any pictures mid-construction, but here's my completed tulip block. I only made one - I imagine many of the more seasoned guild members will be bringing in half a dozen or more! I used some springy pastels from a fat quarter mystery box that I bought a while ago.

My block lotto tulip
After finishing this block, I had a bunch of scraps left over, so I decided to make myself a little mug rug for work. I made a scrappy log cabin block around 4" square and quilted it with pebbles. I've never done FMQ pebbles before, and they were super fun and turned out much better than I expected! I used some leftover half-inch bias tape to bind the block, but I kept missing the edge on the back so ended up with three rather wobbly lines of stitching. Oh well, it's going to get coffee stained anyhow.

My scrappy little mug rug

Back side of pebbling

Mug rug in action

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