Wedding dress reveal

Friday, October 27, 2017

It's been almost two weeks since my first wedding anniversary, so in case anyone stumbles across this blog and wants to know how the final dress looked, I suppose I should share!

There were many buttons, taken from my grandmother's dress, sewn on by hand, and buttoned patiently by my maid of honour:

Most of our formal pictures are covered up by a shawl (sewn up as a simple twisted tube of natural wool gauze for an infinity shawl), because it was Alberta in October. However, you get the idea:

With all the structure underneath, the dress stayed on nicely for dancing!

Finally, here's probably the best front-on picture of the bodice, taken during our thank-you speech:

Doesn't my husband look great? I had nothing to do with his clothing.

Photos by the fabulous Brendan Nogue.

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